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I have lived in Oceanside/Carlsbad area for over 26yrs, I am a family man and a father. I enjoy busy outdoor activities like Golf and most other sports. I have been practicing Real Estate and Mortgage Financing since 1998 so its safe to say, I truly enjoy all areas of the industry. No question when Helping families find their dream home it can be a challenge but the result is very satisfying. It's at the time when a life long client walks into that special home and they realize it's the one. The look on their face of happiness is gratifying.

For My clients, My job is to make the Real Estate process easy and as quick as possible. I will discuss with my potential clients what are your buying parameters, what are your likes and dislikes of past home purchases. This way, we find what you're looking for and what meets your budget so we may meet your overall expectations.

At Ocean Ranch, We understand ALL different sales processes and will have your home under a purchase contract FAST.

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